Monday, August 13, 2012

Epic Road Trip Part III: Seattle to Provo

My parents came down to Portland to watch Colby and wish Kristen all the best, so the next day we got to caravan home together.  

And the next day was the 12th, so here's my 12 on 12:
01. A beautiful Seattle morning
02. My bridesmaid bouquet
03. Colby hangs out with Great-Uncle Matt
04. Dinner prep
05. Who knew you could cook eggs in the oven?
06. Quality time with the Hughes and Fraser families
07. Colby's dinner
08. Fascination with Elise's footwear
09. Skyping with Jory and Em
10. Grandpa leaves early for a business trip
11. Repacking
12. The best reward for a busy day

And Monday we started the 14 hour drive back to Provo.

 It wasn't a long visit, but I'm so glad we got to squeeze a little time in with them.

And this mini-van is awesome.

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