Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Epic Road Trip Part I: Hays Family Reunion

Our journey began with a short 5 hour drive to Robb's grandparents in Idaho.  I read somewhere the best way to survive road trips with small children is night travel.  Bad idea. Colby went to sleep around 6:00pm like he normally does, woke up an hour later, and screamed/cried/stared at me with horrified eyes until we hit Rexburg (we traveled the rest of the time by day and it wasn't a problem, so lesson learned). 

We spent a chunk of the next day with Grandma and Grandpa Wilson (thank you for room and board!) and then continued our trek to Montana.

Here's a small glimpse of our action packed week:
Rocket Launches 
(Robb made a 4-foot rocket especially for the reunion)
Cousin Bonding 
Exotic Cuisine
Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the food, but all the guys made dishes from where they served missions 
Ziplining through trees
Family Olympics
Play time at the Pond
A little fly-fishing 
Hopefully this is a family tradition that sticks.

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