Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pies, Patty's, and Pet Stores (Robb's alliterative title)

:: Robb comes from a long line of pie makers and me not so much (my mother is incredibly talented in so many ways, but her philosophy on pies has always been Marie Calendars does it best).  Actually, baking in general intimidates me.  So the fact I made this pie solo and it tasted good is pretty impressive (and yes, the filling did bubble out on one side and I spent an hour and a half scrubbing the oven out the next day...thus instilling the importance of properly pinching the sides off within me). 
 Pi Day celebrations with Dayton and Anne (Colby's new best friend)
:: A neighborhood cat befriended Colby and I while on a walk (the weather has been gorgeous the last couple weeks).  He giggled a lot while trying to inspect the purring fuzzy thing.
:: I love this picture.  Robb is so busy lately with school, work, and the ever-present weight of what we'll do when he graduates this summer, so I promised him a lazy weekend.  Unfortunately, there were still errands to run, but we slipped in a trip to the library and pet store to make things fun (and we got cheesecake, steak, and mashed potatoes samples at Costco, so I think he survived).
:: We got all dressed up for St. Patty's day...but we were running late to church (too many meetings) and forgot to take a picture when we got back.    You'll just have to believe me.
Our friends, Jake and Sanita, joined us that night for our traditional corned beef and cabbage.  Sanita and I worked together at Freshman Academy for a year and then roomed together the summer I met Robb.  She tried to make me a runner, discovered the joys of Bollywood with me (thank you, Laura), and helped me sort through more boy drama than I've ever had to deal with.  She's amazing and I'm so glad Sanita and Jake (who is pretty amazing too) are still in Provo.
Dessert was mini green cheesecakes with cherries :)
:: Robb and I decided to go on a social media diet (I justify blogging though because I've always struggled with keeping up a journal).  It's been something on my mind a lot lately, partly because Colby is already obsessed with anything that glows and has buttons and it scares me how much he wants all that at the age of 15 months and partly because I see how much time quickly "checking in" chips away from my day.  I get 15 minutes a day this week and we'll reevaluate things on Sunday.
:: And I'm reading a delightful book called, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  It's set in post WWII England and even though I'm only an eighth of the way through, I can tell it's going to be a favorite.

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