Sunday, March 31, 2013


Our Easter celebrations were kind of squeezed in last minute since Robb was down in Arizona for a chunk of the week (more on that later).  We dyed eggs Saturday night (the ones in the upper right hand corner I helped dye with my friend, Emily Greenquist, who I randomly discovered lives behind me during a trip to Winco...anyway, she let me join her family's egg dyeing party because she's nice like that) and made Very Berry frozen yogurt for the next day.  
Sunday Robb made a pie while I put together a spiffy salad with lemon-poppy seed dressing.  The rest of the morning Robb spent in meetings while I panicked about the talk I was asked to give in our Sunday church meeting.  I loved my topic and I loved preparing for it, but even after my 25 years on this earth the prospect of public speaking still gets my heart pounding.

Robb's brother, Brett, and his wife, Megan, invited us over for Easter dinner (amazing) and we provided the entertainment in the form of Colby.
He had a blast collecting eggs, but I struggled to convey the word gently to him and the eggs were subsequently chucked into the basket.
Then we visited a nearby farm with a wide variety of animals ranging from emus and black swans to oxen and miniature donkeys.  Colby got close enough to a baby lamb for her to lick his hand (he giggled).

My favorite moments were watching the chickens hunkering up in the tree and chain link fence for the night and seeing the ox put his magnificent tongue to use.
I'm so grateful for family and for another reminder of just how much our Savior loves us.

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  1. Those eggs are so impressive! And I loved your talk by the way :)