Thursday, June 6, 2013

Reader's Digest: April and May

:: My amazing sister-in-law, Emily, graduated with an elementary education degree from BYU
:: My parents came down to visit and I forgot to take pictures!  Anyway, we had fun, Colby went swimming for the first time (he was pretty neutral about the whole experience), and we celebrated Emily's awesomeness with dinner at Tucanos. 
:: Celebrated another anniversary with Robb.  4 years!:
After our reception, my Grandma Fredley put our wedding cake topper in her freezer...and there it remained until last April.  We were brave enough to try a dime-sized piece and even though it tasted surprisingly good, we decided it probably wasn't safe to eat any more.
Emily babysat for us and we tried Black Sheep Cafe for the first time.  
The Cactus Pear Lemonade and my grilled street corn were amazing, but we weren't quite as blown away with the entrees.  I love exploring new places with this guy.  I found that deeply comforting as we sat talking about what life will hold for us down in Arizona.
:: Unexpected Mother's Day at home (I was scheduled to work) and 12 on 12:
01.  Sick baby
02.  Breakfast (I opted out of the in-bed part)
03.  Colby and I go back to bed
04.  Play time in PJs
05.  Familiar favorite
06.  Lunch: Mac and Cheese
07.  Fever getting higher
08.  Mr. back from church
09.  Sick boy snuggles with Winnie the Pooh
10.  Dinner: Hamburgers
11.  Trip to the Urgent Care (fever not responding to Tylenol)
12.  Grateful for 24 hour pharmacies and that we still keep burp rags in the diaper bag (Colby threw up on me in the car)

And then he had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics (hives and bloodshot eyes)...poor boy.

:: We love visiting the duck pond at BYU
:: Mother's Group: My ward has a group of girls who meet to together once a week for playdates.  They're amazing people and we have so much fun together.  Our friends Suzy and Michelle moved out this month and we already miss them.
:: Robb spent an entire Saturday replacing the engine mounts on my car.  It used to vibrate when I went above 60 mph and I guess all the rattling did a number on the mounts.  The sad part about this picture is not only is he stuck out there on his day off, but it's also pouring down rain.
:: Memorial Day Weekend
Friday:  I made an amazing pizza. Chicken, artichoke hearts, and pesto all bubbly and golden.
 Saturday:  We participated in our building's yard sale, attended the Gonzales' baby shower, and spent the night with my Grandma and Grandpa Nielson.
 Sunday: The next morning, after Grandpa's famous scrambled eggs, we drove on to Kaysville for Robb's cousin's mission farewell, spent a few hours hanging with family, and then drove home and had my little brother over for dinner.
Monday: We drove down to the Nebo Loop and hiked to the Devil's Kitchen.  It's probably the shortest hike I've ever done, but Colby hiked all 0.6 miles of it by himself.
We had plans to hike another similarly short hike further down the loop, but Colbs zonked out before we made it.

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