Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Colby Update 16-18 months

:: He's walking!  On April 1st I took Colby outside to get the mail.  He let go of my hand at the bottom of the stairs, shifted his weight around a bit, and then took his first steps.  Robb naturally came outside when he heard my excited shrieking and caught Colby's second try.  The third unfortunately ended when he tripped and smacked his forehead on the cement step (he's taken several more spills since then and with all his bruises in various stages of healing, he looks like an abused child).  He also figured out how to get from sitting to standing without something to pull up on the same day.
:: And he's climbing...and rearranging the furniture.  Suddenly things that were completely out of reach (like the microwave) are now fair game because Colby can push a chair into position and then climb on up.
:: He's learning to use his imagination.  He feeds his daddy pretend goldfish from his cup and likes to bring the wii remote up to my ear for a telephone.
:: He loves to "help" wash the dishes.  He's actually a little obsessed and no matter where I hide his stool (he has a stool now, the cooler kept slipping away from the sink when he leaned forward), he manages to locate and drag it back.  His assistance consists of splashing around and mixing my clean silverware with the dirty stuff, but he's started to load the cutlery onto our drying rack and I have dreams of him being a real helper someday.
:: Temper-tantrums started.  My own tantrums are things of legend (the most memorable probably being when I started poking holes in the bread wrappers at the grocery store and when my mom told me to stop I flung myself to the floor and screamed, "don't kick me, Mommy!" at the top of my lungs when I hadn't received so much as a spanking at that point), so I was sure the mom curse was coming for me (you know, "Just wait until you have kids!").  I just didn't think they'd start so soon.  Colby's first tantrum lasted 38 minutes and started when I insisted on changing his diaper.   I moved him to his high-chair, thinking a little breakfast would distract him.  It didn't, but I was impressed in his ability to shriek while simultaneously swallowing bananas :)
:: Loves to chase and be chased.  He squeals with delight when you finally catch up to him (I like to nibble on his neck and stomach), but he's not exactly sure what to do when he catches anyone.
:: Experienced his first car wash (obviously, it didn't phase him much) 
 :: Carries his blanket around everywhere.  We try hiding it every once in awhile, but he'll find it.
 :: His need to help is not limited to dishes.  Lately this boy insists on putting clothes in the washing machine and dryer, sweeping (not quite as successful there), and pushing the vacuum with me.
:: And he's discovered the joys of baking.
:: Stats::

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