Tuesday, July 2, 2013

And then there were four...

Or at least there will be in January :)

We heard the heartbeat (all 147 of them) at my 10 week appointment and now that I can visibly see (and every once in awhile, feel) proof of a baby, it's all starting to feel a little more real. I wish I could really explain all of this to Colby, that we could prepare him in some way.  It's going to change his world and there will be challenges, but every time I start to worry I remind myself how wonderful it was to grow up with Jordan and how much I want Colby to experience that kind of relationship...and then I find peace. 
 :: Colby likes to sneak off with my phone and take massive amounts of pictures (we're talking 80+, people). Some are self portraits and others are identical views of the couch or a section of carpet.

:: Tuesday I helped prep for a church activity where we made 12 freezer meals for future sick members of our ward.
:: Wednesday, Colby spiked a fever two hours after playgroup (I really hope he didn't get anyone sick). We spent the evening and most of the next morning snuggling, until the Ibuprofen kicked in and he wanted to mop floors.

:: Friday, we all went on a tour of Historic Provo. The city makes guidebooks every year around the 4th of July and we decided to finally brave the heat and go. Most sites were homes owned at one point by significant individuals that demonstrated a unique type of architecture. Robb was an excellent tour guide and it was fun to see how many of our favorite homes made the list. We ended the night with a quick stop to the Malt Shoppe for peach cobbler ice cream.

:: Saturday I worked a 15.5 hour shift (one of the night nurses didn't show up and it took awhile for the on-call nurse to make it in), but in gratitude they gave me Sunday off.
:: Colby realized if he brought us a shoe we would take him outside. Now he asks multiple times a day and I have to suffer through tantrums when he's denied.
:: Monday I gave Colby a haircut. He hates haircuts. He screams the entire time and wriggles around, so when I grabbed the electric clipper my only thought was to be as efficient as possible and I took my first swipe down the center of his head (I usually only use the clipper on the sides and use scissors for the top). I immediately realized my mistake, but at that point I had to keep going. And I might have cried a little afterwards (I blame pregnancy hormones). *EDITOR'S NOTE: She most definitely cried. Like a baby.

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