Thursday, September 19, 2013

20 Days in a Hotel

:: Day 1: Arrived at our hotel just in time to catch the BYU game (or at least when it was supposed to start, pre-delay).
:: Day 2: Attended our new ward, met tons of wonderful people, introduced Colby to their nursery (they have four nurseries in this ward!)--he didn't approve--and we got invited over for dinner by the Baileys, who are also new to the area. Their oldest boy was monitoring playtime upstairs when I heard him say, "Are you crying because he took your toy away from you?" Apparently, Colby has yet to master sharing...good thing he won't be an only child much longer.
:: Day 4-6: Robb started his new job and clocked in 34 hours in three days. He also tried, unsuccessfully, to get in touch with our loan officer, Nick (foreshadowing). He finally called back and said we needed a letter from human resources to verify employment and a few more documents (which we'd already sent previously), but we were still set to close on the 10th. Colby and I fell into a new routine of exploring the hotel, swimming, and coming up with creative ways to stay busy in a small space.
:: Day 7: Trip to the Zoo! My favorite moment might be when it started to pour and we ducked into a gazebo to wait it out, only to be joined within minutes by half a dozen peacocks.
:: Day 8: BYU vs. Texas and victory!
:: Day 9: Another wonderful day at church.

:: Day 10: Robb sends the letter and Nick starts voicing that it might not be enough to secure the loan.
:: Days 11-12: Closing gets pushed back for vague, unexplained reasons.
:: Day 13: Nick comes out and tells us we need a pay stub before our loan can go through (which he previously said the letter was enough and was why we went through their company in the first place) or we could switch the type of loan (which we were told wasn't an option when we started this process). Either way, it would set us back almost a week and potentially could jeopardize our offer. I was an emotional wreck.
:: Day 14: The sellers agree to wait the extra time and Nick decides to go on vacation. His managers take over our loan and Robb promises to phone-stalk them until we close.

:: Day 15: We take Colby to an outdoor museum...not realizing it was outdoors (a sign in front asked if we had water, sunscreen, and wide brimmed, no, and no), in ridiculously hot weather. He lasted half an hour before a meltdown and we left with plans to return when it's cooler.
:: Day 16: I got my first UTI  and spent 2 hours in an urgent care waiting for an antibiotics prescription. I have a new found empathy for my patients who've had them in the past, I never realized how miserable they can be (luckily Robb took excellent care of me).
:: Day 17: Nick returns. More papers to turn in and more promises that we'd close on time.

:: Day 18: We finally close on the house!!!

:: Day 19: We get the keys, but due to a lack of furniture we only had time for a quick tour and then back to the hotel.
:: Day 20: I extended our hotel stay so many times that all of the staff knew me by name and room number. The hotel was great, but it sure was a wonderful feeling to turn over my room keys.
Moving in was crazy: boxes everywhere, crabby baby (the nice mover guys liked to belt songs while they work...which were not conducive to napping), and my inability to find key items (I had this crazy idea I'd find time to make dinner for our first night in our first home...didn't happen). But at the end of the day, we found our bedding, toothbrushes, and the blender (for Colby's mandatory breakfast smoothie)...and the rest of it could wait.

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