Friday, September 27, 2013

Grandma Hays

I am grateful for the five years I got to know Mary Hays,

For her immediate welcome to the family,

(While we were dating Robb took me to meet everyone after a BYU football game and his grandparents insisted I go on the family height chart in the garage)

For the wonderful men she helped shape,
And for the time I got to spend enjoying her jokes and being strengthened by her testimony.

She left behind her husband, four children, fifteen grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren with three more on the way.
We all miss her and it breaks my heart a little to know that Colby won't remember and Alice will never know this amazing woman.

But I know we will all be together again. We were sealed together in the Temple for eternity and that knowledge eases the sting of death.

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