Friday, October 19, 2012

11 Months

:: Weight: 20lbs
:: He's legitimately crawling now (unless he needs to get somewhere fast, then he reverts to his old arm-crawling ways)  
:: Can pull himself up onto his knees (meaning a whole bunch of previously safe objects are now up for grabs)
:: Loves to open and close the cupboards (or anything with a hinge) and is fascinated by the vacuum
:: Favorite game is peekaboo or riding on Robb's shoulders
:: Loves hanging out with a little girl who lives downstairs
:: No new teeth 
:: Mastering the art of feeding himself.  When bored, he livens the meal up by throwing a portion to the ground
:: Little things he still does that make me happy: does a victory roll (rolling onto the back with the object in hand) whenever he reaches something he's after; curls up in a ball with his blanket before going to sleep; snorts and squeaks when he gets excited; watches strangers in the grocery store, just waiting for them to smile at him; uses his feet as a second pair of hands...

I love his little quirks.

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