Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It took us awhile to get into the spirit of Halloween this year (as in we carved our pumpkin on the 30th), but it did happen and that's what counts, right?  Robb and I scooped out and carved the pumpkin while Colby played with the guts.  Once he moved from playing to chucking, we demoted him to observation status.  Much, much later (after we managed to get our little guy clean and in bed) Jack was complete and we rounded the night off with Pumpkin Cheesecake (thanks again, Erin!) and crispy pumpkin seeds.

Colby, the Dragon.  Hear him roar!

 Now he's actually crawling I have a limited time to get a picture before he runs me over :)

So Colby's costume is pretty obvious, but no one really knew what Robb and I dressed up as.  I blame Robb.  I wanted to go the safe Princess/Knight route, but Robb thought it was too predictable.  So we're scorched peasants :)
 Unexplainable costumes and all, it was an amazing Halloween 

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  1. I "got" the costumes! It looked like a fun Halloween!