Friday, October 12, 2012

Grateful, eh?

My parents are almost making Utah trips for General Conference a tradition (and I love it)!
Our first bit of fun was a Friday night football game (BYU vs. Utah State).  Originally my parents were stuck behind a group of crazy Aggie fans (not that I blame them, when you're a minority you have to be loud to be heard), but after the first quarter we found them a spot in front of us.  Final score: 6-3.   

Saturday afternoon was Canadian Thanksgiving (observed) with the Nielsons!  The food was amazing.  Unfortunately, I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I wanted.  I put Colby down for a nap in an adjoining room and didn't hear him wake up until the quiet that proceeds blessing the food.  At that point he was nearly hysterical (mother of the year award goes to me) and I spent the rest of the dinner trying to make amends. 
Sunday morning Conference session
Followed by family pictures...
I think they're making fun of me in this picture, but it's cute anyway :)
I love us.

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  1. Love the one of the 3 of you with enormous smiles! Cute, cute family!