Tuesday, October 2, 2012


What we're up to nowadays:
:: I finished a craft project that's been on my to-do list for almost a year (the empty picture frame sat on our shelf the whole time...an unsuccessful attempt to motivate myself).  Each heart is a map of a significant place for us and it makes me happy every time I look at it. 
:: Robb had two interviews after BYU's career fair.  We won't hear back for awhile (these are just first round interviews), but suddenly graduation doesn't seem that far away and we're weighing the benefits of one location over another.
:: Colby experienced bubbles for the first time and we're all big fans
:: Dermatologist appointments this month.  I'm now missing a chunk out of my leg and Robb has a burn on his nose, but woot for being cancer free!  

:: Robb and I went to the BYU vs. Hawaii football game for date night, it was a complete shut-out, final score 47-0.  Usually we have company (Robb's brother and his best friend have season passes with us), but we were alone this time and it was fun to be somewhere just the two of us.
:: Robb is learning to play Hushabye Mountain on the guitar and I melt a little every time he sings to our boy
:: And Sunday night we broke out a board game and had an intense battle complete with Lord of the Rings playlist (to make everything feel more epic).

Nothing huge, but still, life is good.


  1. I love your heart project! Hope you guys end up here!

  2. I love your heart project too! What a cute idea! I love the pictures, especially the one of Robb and Colby reading the brochures together. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Game night in a week! Then we can share in an epic battle of Smallworld.